Jimmy Fallon & Cameron Diaz Photobomb Unsuspecting Tourists (VIDEO)


Jimmy Fallon & Cameron Diaz photobomb

Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz appeared to have a great time photobombing tourists during a little prank at the Top of the Rock Observation Deck at Rockefeller Center in New York.

The “Tonight Show” host and the 41-year-old “The Other Woman” actress got very creative pulling silly poses, as shown in the video!

The clip begins with Jimmy explaining to the audience that “Tonight Show” bosses asked people if they’d like to have their picture taken at NBC towers, pretending it was for the NBC Top Of The Rock website.

Jimmy and Cameron would then sneak up behind them and do funny faces and poses behind them.

Tourists pranked by Cameron and Jimmy

After performing a few of the pranks, the pair are seen laughing hysterically before decided what they should do for the next photobomb.

In one family’s photograph the stars can be seen pulling the “Charlie’s Angels” pose.

Fallon & Diaz Charlie's Angel's pose

Jimmy then wants to do a piggyback pose, but insists he get on Cameron’s back.

Jimmy Fallon & Cameron Diaz photobomb

After their latest photobomb, Cameron asks Jimmy if he is hungry and then pulls out a foot-long sub sandwich.

They then walk behind two female pals who are having their picture taken and both start eating the sub from different ends.

Fallon & Diaz hoagie photobomb

Cameron and Jimmy went all Pharrell Williams later in the clip as they both put on his infamous Vivienne Westwood oversized hat.

Jimmy Fallon & Cameron Diaz in Pharrell hat

The pair eventually decide to come clean and after photobombing three friends with the Pharrell-style hats on the cameraman tells the unsuspecting trio there was someone in their shot.

Girls shocked to see Jimmy & Cameron

The pals then turn around to see Cameron and Jimmy stood there and one of the fans screams with shock.

Fallon photobombs with Cameron

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Images: NBC


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