Ireland Baldwin Now A Lesbian Or Bisexual?: Hooking Up With Rapper Angel Haze!


Alec Baldwin's daughter Ireland new girlfriend

Alex Baldwin’s 18-year-old daughter with actress Kim Basinger, Ireland Baldwin, recently split from her boyfriend Slater Trout.

It appears the model has realized there are other fish in the sea (pun intended) and not just guys! Ireland has been hooking up with rapper Angel Haze.

Ireland celebrated Cinco de Mayo by posting a picture of her kissing the rapper, singer and LGBT activist, who sings on Macklemore’s LGBT rights track “Same Love”.

There has been obvious flirting going on, but now they are posting pictures of themselves making out.

Angel, 22, posted a photo with the caption, “I spent all my time waiting for flowers to bloom, and now that the darkness is gone, I’m growing my garden with you.” Super mushy!

Ireland Baldwin experimenting with the ladies now

She also shared a cute photo in their apartment, writing, “Find what you love and let it consume you.”

Angel Haze dating Ireland Baldwin

There is also a sexy photo of Ireland with the caption, “I just wanna say you’re mine you’re mineeeee.”

Angel Haze tweets pic of Ireland

One very suggestive tweet shows Ireland in very little clothing, with Angel writing, “Your body is a canvas, I want to paint it red.”

Angel tweets Ireland's body in a canvas

Another romantic but almost creepy post from Angel states, “Never been so fascinated by one person. Like, endlessly. Even your happiness has become my own.”

Ireland Baldwin and Angel Haze in love?

Angel, whose real name is Raykeea Angel Wilson, previously described herself as “pansexual with an androgynous style.”

She explains, “Love is boundary-less. If you can make me feel, if you can make me laugh – and that’s hard – then I can be with you. I don’t care if you have a vagina or if you’re a hermaphrodite or whatever.”

Ireland Baldwin trying out girls now

We are so curious what Ireland Baldwin’s father Alec thinks of his 18-year-old daughter’s new romance.

The rapper’s tweets imply that they’re already in love. Just a week ago, Angel wrote, “I’m so sleepy and so in love. I could die and feel good about it.”

Ireland Baldwin bisexual or lesbian now?

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