Crazy Photos That Will Blow Your Mind!


Someone needs to wax

These photos are so strange that you really need to take a long look to figure out what’s really going on there.

Check out these amazing photos that are not what they first appear to be…enjoy!

This woman is enjoying a ferry ride…with a tiny man on her back?

Tiny man on woman's back?

Is this a dog dressed in a hot pink tee and jeans taking the train? Nope, but it sure looks like it.

What a well-behaved dog!

This attractive blonde girl sure does appear to have a hairy arm!

Someone needs to wax

What a lovely wedding photo! At first glance, the bridesmaid’s appear to all be little people!

Tiny bridesmaids? nope

This little graduate sure does have a massive hand…or so it appears!

Small boy with one big hand?

Who is carrying who? Crazy photo!

What is going on here?

This baby sure has some thick thighs! Cute floral boots too!

This baby girl is thick!

Is this a headless woman sitting in a restaurant? One woman appears to be feeling herself up too!

Crazy restaurant mirror?

This little guy sure has a mature face for his age. Crazy!

Manboy? what the hell?

At first glance, this appears to be an obscene photo! On closer look, it’s just an elbow.

Revealing photo or not so much?

This dude sure appears to have a tiny head for his body. Oh…

Man with tiny head?

This woman doesn’t appear to have her head on straight, literally!

Does she have a neck?

This giant young boy appears to be getting some sugar from a teen girl at school.

Giant boy getting a kiss?

Is this lady levitating on a platform? Nope crazy illusion.

Woman appears to float on platform

Wow! This teen boy has some really nice legs.

Teen guy with silky smooth legs

This photo was banned from Facebook, but you aren’t seeing what you think you are at first!

Woman showing her buoys in tub?

A beautiful woman in a beautiful car, but whoah! It appears her legs are spread open at first!

Woman with legs open?

Wow! Baby got back!

Baby got back!

Who’s hugging who? Crazy illusion!

Who is hugging who? crazy picture

Ladies getting ready for an evening out. Is that a butt in the mirror? Nope!

What's in the background?

Does Liev Schreiber have a perky booty and womanly legs? Nah, that’s Naomi Watts!

Who knew Liev Schreiber had such a petite body

We didn’t see anything wrong in this photo…at first. ha!  An attractive girl on a bike ride…that has a penis? Not so fast!

Bike seat or penis?

At first glance, this looks like a sweet photo of three girls in bikinis at the lake…until we spot what appears to be some guy’s wiener. You then realize it’s a small child’s arm. But what about that other object? It’s the guy’s index finger. Get your minds out of the gutter!

Sweet girls enjoying summer..but wait!


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