Celebs That Love Smoking E-Cigs: Glamorizing Smoking Or Better Option?


Ryan Gosling e-cigarettes

We all realize cigarette smoking is a nasty and addicting habit, but quitting once you start is very tough.

These days many people, including many celebrities, have made the switch to electronic cigarettes aka e-cigs. Let’s see which celebs have opted for this safer option.

Many Hollywood stars have used electronic cigarettes in place of normal cigarettes, either in an attempt to quit or to be able to smoke where regular smoking is banned.

E- cigarettes or e-cigs are known as a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco. There’s a mechanism that heats up liquid nicotine, which turns into a vapor that smokers inhale and exhale. Some choose e-cigs and others go with vaping. Either way, they look and feel like a regular cigarette without the stinky smell.

Here’s a few stars that have jumped on the e-cig bandwagon:

Singer Barry Manilow was spotted out doing a little shopping, holding his electronic cigarette.  Need to protect that voice from harsh chemicals!

Barry Manilow with e-cig

Katherine Heigl gave up smoking after adopting her first daughter in 2009. She is now a mother of two adopted daughters and loves her e-cigs.

Katherine Heigl smoking electronic cig

Katy Perry obviously likes to vape, using maybe an eGo type setup.

Katy Perry vaping pic

Lindsay Lohan used electronic cigarettes, but has been spotted recently smoking regular cancer-sticks.

Lindsay Lohan was a fan of e-cigs

Sean Penn also likes using electronic cigarettes. We’re not certain if he has given up regular cigarettes, but he has been spotted using e-cigs recently.

Tough guy Sean Penn smoking e-cig

“Twilight” star Robert Pattinson finally quit smoking cigarettes and now uses electronic cigarettes. There are rumors actor Leonardo DiCaprio got him started on the safer habit.

Robert Pattinson toking on an e-cig

Leonardo DiCaprio is often photographed puffing away on an electronic cigarette. In fact, he enjoyed one during the Golden Globes this year.

Leonardo DiCaprio e-cig

Of course, he wasn’t the only one toking during the show. Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus was also smoking electronically at the Golden Globes.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus pics

The electronic cigarettes being aired didn’t go over too well with some though. Senators wrote to NBC Universal and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, asking them to avoid the “glamorization” of smoking e-cigarettes in future broadcasts of the Golden Globes.

The senators wrote, “Unfortunately, this year, many young viewers saw notable displays of e-cigarette use through the awards show… We are troubled that these images glamorize smoking and serve as celebrity endorsements that could encourage young fans to begin smoking.”

We doubt that appears glamorous to teens, but some people find everything offensive.

Actor Johnny Depp is a longtime smoker, but the hunky actor has taken up vaping the past couple of years.

Johnny Depp vaping

Even legendary actor Jack Nicholson has jumped on the e-cig train.

Jack Nicholson electronic cigarette

Miley Cyrus’ big bro, tatted up rocker Trace Cyrus, also chooses electronic cigs.

Trace Cyrus also uses e-cigs

Christina Milian is a mommy now and has often been spotted using an e-cig. Here she is showing up to DWTS practice recently.

Christina Milian smoking e-cig before DWTS rehearsal


Bruno Mars started using electronic cigarettes for his mom, Bernadette Hernandez. He had promised her to quit smoking and kept his promise after she passed away suddenly due to a brain aneurism.

Bruno Mars e-cig pic

Studies show that adults that of those using e-cigs that 31% ended up quitting tobacco based cigarettes within a 3 month period.

These celebrities are just a few of the supporters of the device, which many believe as a safer and healthier alternative to smoking.


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