Britney Spears Being Sued For Breaking Back-Up Dancer’s Nose!


Britney Spears broke dancer's nose

Britney Spears is being sued by a back-up dancer named Dawn Noel, who claims the singer smacked her in the nose during a rehearsal on August 19.

Dawn Noel claims a “disheveled and confused” Britney twirled around and hit her face with her hand.

The dancer is filming a lawsuit today for medical costs of surgery for a nasal bone fracture.

Noel landed the job to perform in Brit Brit’s “Work B**ch” music video.

She and several other dancers were practicing their moves to perfect the choreography before Spears’ arrival.

Dawn claims when the 32-year-old singer arrived, she was in a “disheveled and confused state”.

Britney Spears disheveled during Work, Bi*ch filming?

Britney appeared to be having a difficult time getting the dance moves down correctly and at one point twirled around and was off balance. That’s when Spears’ hand smacked Dawn’s face.

She claims the impact of Britney’s hand on her face was so loud that everyone in the room heard the cracking sound.

Britney reportedly said, “I’m sorry”, before continuing with the rehearsal.

Noel reportedly stayed for another 30 minutes until the pain became unbearable. She left and went to visit a doctor to assess her injury. At that time, Noel was informed of a nasal bone fracture and the need for surgery.

Spears’ camp allegedly offered to pay Noel for the surgery she needed after her injury, but the dancer says she has yet to get a cent.

The dancer’s lawyer Sark Ohanian is filing the lawsuit on Monday against Spears after Noel waited months to be reimbursed for her medical expenses.

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