More Bad News For Tori Spelling: Dean’s Ex-Wife Dealt With Same Issues


Tori Spelling looks frail filming reality series

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott got together in 2005, while he was married to Mary Jo Eustace.

Their divorce petition and Mary Jo’s sworn declaration gives lots of insight into Dean’s skeletons in his closet, which includes his violent outbursts and drug battles.

Dean totally blindsided Mary Jo when he began an affair with Tori, telling his wife the actress was his “soul mate”.

Mary Jo filed for divorce and filed for sole physical custody of their young son, Jack.  Her sworn legal declaration details some pretty ugly situations.

In the documents, Mary Jo said Dean admitted he was addicted to cocaine in March 1999 when their son Jack was just five months old.

Dean McDermott's ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace

Mary Jo wrote in her declartion, “Dean McDermott walked into the living room, threw a bag of cocaine on the table and said, ‘I have a cocaine problem’. [Dean] started crying uncontrollably and was shaking and said that he should go to the emergency room. I was able to calm Dean McDermott down. Dean McDermott told me he had used cocaine when he was in the house alone with Jack.”

Mary Jo stuck by Dean and helped him get into a support group. She said this helped Dean get clean for a short period of time. But she returned home with her son Jack after a trip in April 1999 and Dean admitted he had thrown a drug-fueled party in their home.

She wrote, “I was furious with Petitioner that he was jeopardizing our life in order to satisfy his immediate need for drug induced highs.  I was very concerned about Petitioner’s emotional instability and my primary concern was for the health and safety of our baby son and my concern about maintaining a stable life.”

She felt he wasn’t a suitable guardian for their son because of his bad temper and drug use.

Eustace writes, “As a result of my knowledge and experience in connection with Dean McDermott’s prior use of cocaine, alcohol and anti-depressants/prescription drug medication, I believe Dean McDermott is medicating himself without the supervision of a doctor and that this is one of the recent causes of his recent erratic behavior.”

Just like Spelling, Eustace admits she ignored the “red flags” in her relationship with McDermott. She stated in the documents, “At the end of our first date, I noted [his] awful temper. We had a lunch date, and afterwards went to his house in Toronto to feed his dog. The dog had gotten into the garbage. Dean McDermott repeatedly and violently beat the dog with his fists and with a rolled up magazine. Dean McDermott was furious and it was very intimidating incident for me to witness.”

Dean McDermott sex not fantastic with Tori

Mary Jo and Dean were granted the divorce in March 2006. Dean wed Tori in May 2006. Dean recently revealed on “True Tori” he was using drugs and alcohol when he cheated on Tori in December 2013.

Wow! What comes around really does go around…

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