Xzibit Threw A Hissy Fit, Slapping Aussie Promoter Mastacraft (VIDEO)


Xzibit loses his cool with promoter

Rapper Xzibit lost his sh*t,  throwing a major temper tantrum and tossed a metal chair after his backstage treatment didn’t live up to his standards.

Xzibit not only pulled a bi*ch fit, but slapped Australian promoter Patrick Whyntie, aka Mastacraft, in the face!  The bratty incident was caught on tape!

The “Pimp My Ride” host can be seen screaming at the promoter, telling him, “Get the f**k out of here, I’m gonna f**k you up.”

Mastacraft sounds shocked by the rapper’s display, asking, “Ah Jesus Christ, what is your problem?”

Xzibit then throws a metal chair across the room saying, “What do you wanna do, you’re gonna get knocked out.”

The angry rapper then slapped him.

So what had Xzibit fuming?  It appears the rapper wasn’t being given the “star treatment”.

The Aussie promoter returned backstage from his opening set to find X’s manager arguing and “disrespecting every staff on some diva s**t” because Xzibit was allegedly picked up from the airport in an old Subaru with broken windows.  He also had to get his own taxi for a soundcheck and the equipment wasn’t even set up for him.

It sounds like someone is behaving like a little diva, but it doesn’t sound very professional either.

Xzibit performed in Adelaide, Australia that night and dissed Mastercraft on stage.

Mastacraft claims that the rapper was picked up in a $50,000 BMW, not a run-down Subaru.

He also slammed Xzibit’s “lady hitting”.

Patrick stated, “It wasn’t very hard, it was a girly slap. I just laughed. I couldn’t believe it. He was just acting crazy, yelling, abusing us.”

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