Why Did Rapper Andre Johnson “Christ Bearer” Cut Off His Own Penis? (VIDEO)


Andre Johnson "Christ Bearer" photos

A rapper who performed with Wu-Tang Clan, who goes by “Christ Bearer”, cut off his own penis before attempting suicide by jumping from a building.

Andre Johnson was rushed to the hospital, along with his severed penis, on Wednesday.

Johnson was found on the sidewalk critically injured and was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. It is unclear if doctors are attempting

His rapper pals revealed that suddenly Johnson cut his penis off and jumped from the second floor.

Things happened so fast that by the time his friends made it to the ground floor, Johnson was on his feet and “running around screaming”.

Christ Bearer (center, front) of NorthstarAndre Johnson "Christ Bearer" photos

No hard drugs were reportedly involved, but he has apparently lost his damn mind.

Johnson is a rapper who goes by the name Christ Bearer in the group Northstar. They were discovered by Wu-Tang producer and rapper RZA in 1998. He produced their 2004 debut album RZA Presents Northstar.

An LAPD spokesman confirmed a person was taken by ambulance to a local area hospital following an incident shortly before 1 a.m. this morning at the 4500 block of Colfax Avenue in North Hollywood.

Officials stated the man was trying to commit suicide when he jumped from the second floor of an apartment building in North Hollywood.

Johnson landed on a sidewalk and sustained critical injuries.

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