What’s Going On With Selena Gomez?


Selena Gomez modeling her collection

Selena Gomez appears to be going through some sort of a meltdown.  It may sound silly that her unfollowing her friends on Twitter is making news, but these days that’s very telling.

Selena not only deleted her famous pal Taylor Swift, but also her off/on boyfriend Justin Bieber, and many more. As of this morning she is following no one at all! Hmmm…

It seemed a little strange when Gomez had unfollowed the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie, after they were spotted together at Coachella days before.

Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner

There were reports suggesting the Jenner girls were only using Selena for media attention, but also a rumor Kylie was causing problems between Selena and Justin.

Kylie Jenner tries to get in on the photo

Kylie reportedly sent Justin Beiber a photo of Selena talking to a male fan, making it appear there was more to the story to make JB jealous.

Selena realized Kylie was trying to back-stab her and distanced herself from the famewhores.

Her social media actions aren’t the only thing making fans concerned about Selena’s well-being, following her stint in rehab earlier this year.

Selena posted an Instagram shot of Mary J. Blige’s 2007 album Growing Pains with the lyrics to the “Work in Progress (Growing Pains).”

The lyrics read, “I got every material thing I could ever need/I got the love from my fans that adore me/and I’m grateful/But my love for myself is lacking a little bit/I can admit that I’m working on me”.

Selena also posted a photo of herself with heavy eyeliner, captioned “I go back to, black”.

The singer/actress recently parted ways professionally with her mom and stepfather who served as her managers.

Is Selena making a cry for help with her recent behavior and actions? Maybe just being dramatic? We’d hate to see her go down the same road as other troubled stars.

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