Trace Adkins’ Divorce Takes An Ugly Turn: Wife Files For Restraining Order!


Trace Adkins' estranged wife gets restraining order

Country singer Trace Adkins’ estranged wife has obtained a restraining order against him, preventing him from “harassing, threatening or assaulting” her.

It appears this split is turning ugly, with reports Trace has banged nearly a dozen different women during his 17-year-marriage. Oops!

Rhonda Adkins, the mother of the singer’s three young daughters, has obtained a temporary restraining order from a Tennessee court, which states neither can take their children outside the state and sell or borrow against marital property.

Rhonda filed for divorce in Tennessee after the couple officially separated on Monday, but now there reports Trace has fallen for actress Victoria Pratt.

Trace Adkins and Victoria Pratt pics

The National Enquirer reported that Trace bragged to a friend that he cheated on Rhonda with nearly a dozen women during their marriage, even claiming he had sex with two women in one day before going home to have sex with Rhonda.

There are rumors that Trace had even told his wife he had fallen for a Canadian D-list actress named Victoria Pratt, 43, whom he met while filming “The Virginian” last year.

Pratt took to Twitter on March 30, tweeting, “Gave Trace Adkins a sponge bath at work today… I owe the universe big time! #best job ever.”

Trace, 52, went on to star on “All Star Celebrity Apprentice” and Victoria was one of his biggest fans, tweeting recaps of the show and making flirty comments to the singer.

Adkins’ wife Rhonda may have caught on though. Trace tweeted last April 21, “My Old Lady just gave me a mean look”, with Victoria replying, “Bahaha!! You’re lucky that’s all she gave you!!!”

Just five days later, Pratt was the country singer’s guest of honor at the Stage Coach music festival in Indio, California, where she was spotted backstage.

The latest flirtation and possible affair was the last straw for Rhonda, adding, “Rhonda has put up with Trace’s cheating and abuse for years, but now she knows everything he’s done and she plans to use it to make him pay big time.”

Victoria is married to Hollywood director and photographer TJ Scott, 53, who, when asked if they were separated, stated, “No, we are not separated – we are very much married.”

Trace and Rhonda have been married since 1997 and have three daughters together – MacKenzie, Brianna, and Trinity.

Rhonda Adkins has asked the court to grant her child support and alimony. She has also asked to be named the sole beneficiary of Trace’s life insurance policy. That’s a little weird!

Rhonda is Trace’s third wife and he shares two adult daughters with his second wife, Julie.

It looks like this divorce will get even uglier!

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