Tila Tequila Dumps “Broke” Baby-Daddy!


Tila Tequila is pregnant!

Tila Tequila recently revealed she is pregnant, with the father of her unborn child revealed to be a struggling musician named Thomas Paxton Whitaker.

But now Whitaker has revealed that the reality star has dumped him!

We had hoped that maybe being pregnant would bring about positive changes in Tila Tequila. But it appears she is still a money-grubbing fame whore.

Thomas stated that the former reality star dumped him because of his financial history. He had filed for bankruptcy seven years ago and that is something she just couldn’t handle.

Whitaker said, “Even though I had nothing negative to say about Tila in my comment to you [last week] and the two of us are soon to share a child with one another, Tila and I are not together as a couple and we are no longer pursuing a relationship with each other. She definitely isn’t living with me. I was trying to remain cordial without adding to her already notorious past and now I am now experiencing the fallout from my generosity.”

He adds, “Somehow because I went through hard times like a lot of other people when the economy took a decline, and had to file for bankruptcy, I’m somehow unsuitable to be connected to in a relationship.”

Tila’s baby-daddy adds, “If the media could only the hear the kinds of comments Miss Nguyen makes about them as individuals behind closed doors. I doubt she would ever get a drop of news coverage again for the rest of her days, but then Hollywood is a lot about deception and manipulation…isn’t it?”

Thomas Paxton Whitaker photos

Tila shocked fans when she announced on April 18 that she’s expecting her first child. We first hoped it was another publicity stunt, which we revealed in 2010. She faked her pregnancy and later faked a miscarriage. Pretty low even for her!

The reality star is reportedly around ten weeks pregnant. She stated she felt “finally healed” after so many traumatic years.

We have a feeling Tila will want Whitaker around once the baby arrives…for child support if nothing else!

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