Technology & Parents Don’t Always Mix: Funny Texts!


Geoffrey Rush texting

There are some parents that are up on modern technology, while others seem to have quite a bit to learn.

We’ve compiled some hilarious texts from mothers and fathers to their children, which are sad, hilarious, and downright cringe-worthy!  Enjoy!

These photos show hilarious text messages that parents have sent to their confused children.

One text has been sent by a mother who clearly struggles with the concept of Google:

funny texts from parents

Another mother informs her son that his “great aunt just passed away LOL”. What?

Oops mom sends inappropriate text

One mom somehow manages to change her texts to Chinese.

Mom texting in Chinese

One dad kept sending the automatic message about being “in a meeting”.

Oopsy parents trying to text


One wise-guy dad decides to have a little fun with his son.  He texts his son about being in “big trouble” for texting while in school.

Texting in school? shameful!

This mom complained over her anniversary gift, which had to make her child cringe.

Text you don't want from your mother

This son had a little fun with his mom’s texts. Pretty funny!

Awesome mom really delivers

This mother needs a little help with her acronyms.

This mom isn't up on her acronyms

Who knew spaghetti sauce could gross a child out so much?

Son scarred for life?

Damn auto correct! A parents’ worst nightmare? Pretty hilarious results though!

Autocorrect a parent's worst nightmare



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