Newly Single Malin Akerman Spotted On Date With Colin Egglesfield


Malin Akerman dating Colin Egglesfield

Malin Akerman’s husband just filed for divorce in December and it appears the pretty blonde has already moved on.

Malin was spotted on a date with the hot “Client List” actor Colin Egglesfield on Tuesday night in Beverly Hills.

The new couple looked very happy together as they enjoyed dinner together at Sugarfish Sushi.

Akerman just split from her husband of six years, Roberto Zincone, six months ago.

Malin and Roberto welcomed a son in April 2013 named Sebastian.

Akerman met her estranged husband Zincone in 2003 when they played in a band together called the Petalstones. Malin was the lead singer and Roberto was the drummer.

Malin Akerman and Roberto Zincone

Malin’s new man is physically a step-up, but Colin Egglesfield was arrested just a few days ago.

The actor was arrested in Arizona and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal damage while attending an arts festival. Egglesfield reportedly knocked over barriers, a table, and broke signs.

A source later clarified that he didn’t go off on a crazy rampage or anything. The eyewitness said, “Something went missing from his group and he was looking for it and was very upset”.

Colin Egglesfield arrest a misunderstanding?

Colin Egglesfield is best known for his roles as Josh Madden in the soap opera “All My Children” and as Evan Parks on “The Client List”.

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