New Sad Details Come Out On Peaches Geldof’s Sudden Death


Peaches' baby Phaedra was near her dead body

The death of Peaches Geldof still remains a mystery, with the 25-year-old British socialite and model dying suddenly on Monday.

Now it’s been revealed that Geldof‘s 11-month-old son Phaedra was with her when she died, playing nearby her body.

The 25-year-old star’s husband Thomas Cohen had spent the night elsewhere with their oldest son Astala.  He was unable to reach her on the phone Monday and had a friend go check on her.

The friend found Peaches dead in her home.

Peaches Geldof & husband Thomas Cohen with sons

A source stated, “The hope is that Phaedra is so young he wasn’t aware of what was going on — the most important thing is that he’s OK.  It is devastating for Tom that he wasn’t there but it couldn’t have been avoided.”

Peaches Geldof was an advocate of attachment parenting and was known to always have her children beside her.

A source said, “Phaedra was by her side most of the time, even when she was sleeping.  At the very least, there can be some comfort that she wasn’t by herself when she died.”

Peaches Geldof and sons pictures

Peaches’ own mother Paula Yates was found dead in similar circumstances. Her body was discovered in her Notting Hill home in 2000, with Peaches’ four-year-old sister Tiger Lily playing nearby.

Geldof’s body has now been released by coroners so the family can plan for her funeral.

It is expected to be held at the Kent church where she married in 2012 and where her mother Paula Yates’ memorial service took place in 2000.

An autopsy carried out at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford proved inconclusive, prompting further investigations to try to establish her cause of death.

The family is now awaiting toxicology tests.

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