Model Bar Refaeli’s Commercial Banned In Native Israel For “Puppet Sex” (VIDEO)


Bar Refaeli too sexy for Israeli televisions?

Bar Refaeli’s latest ad for Hoodies was banned in her native country of Israel for “too many sexual insinuations” with a puppet.

The stunning 28-year-old model appears in bed with the older male puppet, before he begins his fantasy in his head.

Israeli clothing brand Hoodies created a “too sexy” ad for the Israeli governmental council The Second Authority for Television and Radio, who banned the commercial from being aired until after 10 p.m.

The ad isn’t explicit, but shows the supermodel with a local puppet called Red Orach as part of his sexual fantasy.

Bar and the puppet are shown in bed as Red says, “It couldn’t get any better than this. Or could it?”

Bar Refaeli steamy commercial

Suddenly two more identical models appear under the covers. The women are shown washing his car, feeding him grapes in the hot tub, and posing for pictures in a photo booth.

Bar Refaeli gets sexy with puppet

During a game of strip poker, the puppet stands up to reveal he’s naked. The three Bar Refaeli’s scream as his fantasy ends.

Bar Refaeli too sexy for Israeli televisions?

The puppet wakes from his sensual dream to find himself in bed alone, but quickly realizes there is one Bar getting ready to leave his room.

He says, “You just can’t get enough of me, huh?” as the model winks at the camera.

Do you find the commercial too sexy? Israel sure does!

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