“Meet The Parents” Star Teri Polo Fires For Bankruptcy: $1 Million In Debt!


Teri Polo & Robert DeNiro in Meet the Parents

Teri Polo, the actress best known for playing Ben Stiller’s love interest in “Meet The  Parents” and its sequels, has filed for bankruptcy.

Her latest movie is actually entitled “A Bit of Bad Luck”, which seems to be a perfect fit for her financial woes.

The 44-year-old actress claims she owes close to a million dollars in back taxes and credit card bills.

Polo filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week owing around $772,000 in back taxes and $36,000 on her credit cards.

Her acting career hasn’t been as busy these days.  But it certainly hasn’t put a stop on her spending habits!

In 2011, Teri owed over $450,000 in back taxes, which her manager, Bob McGowan, blamed her debt on her expensive divorce from Anthony Moore. They were married from 1997 to 2005.

He also said she had taken time off to raise her son with Anthony, Griffin, 11, and daughter Bailey, seven, who she has with musician Jamie Wollam.

Teri’s movie roles may be lacking, but she has starred on several television shows, appearing in a recurring role on “The West Wing” and “The Fosters”.

Teri Polo files for bankruptcy

Teri Polo also owes close to $30,000 after she allegedly left an apartment soiled with dog poop and urine.

The actress left her former home full of animal feces and rotten food in the refrigerator.

Ben Stiller previously said he has written a script for a fourth installment in the “Meet the Parents” franchise, so hopefully Polo can get back on track.

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