Lea Michele Storms Off Set Of “Glee” After Naya Rivera’s Diva Comments?


Lea Michele vs Naya Rivera on Glee set

Cat fight on the set of “Glee”?

Sources report Lea Michele stormed off the set of “Glee”on Tuesday, after Naya Rivera complained about Lea’s behavior. Uh-oh!

A source says Lea was pissed after her co-star Naya Rivera complained to producers that she was acting like a diva on set.

Michele had been reportedly stalling production and took breaks often to deal with “personal matters”.

The cast and crew became annoyed with the star after she interrupted filming multiple times.  Things got so bad that Naya stepped in to intervene.

Naya, 27, complained to producers about Lea’s difficult behavior, which didn’t go over well with Michele.

Lea reportedly stormed off set.

A source close to the situation denied the blow-up, claiming that Rivera was upset about other issues before filming even started. Maybe she’s on edge after her engagement was called off by Big Sean recently.

Lea Michele never left the set to attend to any personal matters.  The only interruption was a Twitter chat with fans .

There are rumors swirling that Naya Michele was actually fired from set.

The story is still developing as fans gear up for the next episode of Glee on April 22.

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