Katy Perry Pranks Birthday Parties In Disguise (VIDEO)


Katy Perry...is that really you?

Katy Perry’s latest music video for her new single “Birthday” is just awesome.

The pop princess, known as quite the sex symbol, isn’t afraid to don hideous disguises and have a little fun. Check it out!

Katy Perry is totally unrecognizable as she gets made up in an array of disguises to play funny characters at five different birthday parties.

The “Black Horse” singer is first seen in a liver-spotted body suit, complete with pendulous breasts. She plays an older British woman that calls herself “Goldie the Dancer”.

She takes to an elderly man’s 90th birthday bash at a nursing home.

Katy Perry as Goldie the Dancer

Perry is then transformed into a Jewish MC called Yosef Shulem. The little boy having his Bar Mitzvah is like WTF?

Katy Perry as Yosef Shulem

Kriss the Clown makes his way to a child’s birthday and let’s just say a drunken clown is no fun at a kid’s party.

Katy Perry as Kriss the Clown

Katy the portrays Ace the Animal Trainer, making the kids cry during the prank.

Katy Perry as Ace the Animal Trainer

Katy Perry also played a Princess named Mandee, complete with a “Paris-Hiltonish” voice.  We love when she does the unveiling to the little girls at the birthday party!

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