Justin Bieber ID’d As Egg-Thrower: Caught On Video High-Fiving Pals


Justin Bieber egging case cracked?

It’s been close to four months since Justin Bieber’s neighbor called police after having his home pelted with eggs.

Justin’s clothing on the surveillance video and his own Instagram account have provided evidence against the singer.

New information reveals Justin and several friends were caught on surveillance video high-fiving one another after the egg-throwing incident. Bieber was also wearing the same white sweatshirt with black designs on the neckline on the video as he was in an Instagram photo posted on that date.

Detective Ginni Alvarez requested and got a search warrant to look at and take into evidence any potentially incriminating photographic evidence Bieber has posted to his Instagram account.

They also wanted to see what he was wearing on January 9 in his Instagram photos matched surveillance footage taken by cameras at the Schwartz residence.

The officer said, “I observed Suspect Bieber run down his driveway from his residence and in the direction of [the victim’s house]. A short time later I observed Suspect Bieber… high fiving [a group of males]. Suspect Bieber and the other males appeared to be laughing and celebrating.”

Justin Bieber high-fiving after egging

The report adds that Bieber was wearing the same clothing on Instagram from that date as was spotted on the CCTV footage.

Justin Bieber white shirt black designs on neckline

Alvarez writes, “I compared the Instagram photo to the surveillance video. I observed Suspect Bieber was in the same attire as depicted… wearing a white sweatshirt with black images along the neckline. Suspect Bieber is also wearing a dark colored ball cap with a white logo in the center.”

Bieber is accused of egging Jeffrey Schwartz’s home on January 9, 2014 in his former Calabasas, California neighborhood.

The singer was named as a suspect in a vandalism investigation. Just five days later, police raided his home. The search led to the arrest for drug and vandalism charges for Bieber’s pal, Xavier “Lil Za” Smith.

Justin’s neighbor claims there was $20,000 in damages to his home due to expensive fittings and features.

Bieber caused 20K in damages?

The D.A. has not announced any charges against the singer yet.

Will Justin’s clothing and Instagram on that date lead to a felony or misdemeanor vandalism charge? Guess we’ll have to wait and see if they’ve “cracked” the case.

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