Johnny Weir & Victor Voronov Call Off Divorce After Nasty Accusations


Johnny Weir splits from husband of two years

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir had a very nasty split from his husband Victor Voronov, lashing out at one another with crazy accusations.

But now the couple have decided to reconcile and call off the divorce, signing legal documents with specific terms for one another.

Weir, an Olympic commentator, filed divorce papers without Voronov’s knowledge in March. They had been married for two years at that time.

The flamboyant former figure skater cited domestic violence, telling the media that Voronov had bitten him several times during arguments. Voronov later also claimed that Weir physically abused him.

Johnny and Victor are now back together, but Voronov will only move back into the home if the figure skater publicly apologizes for his statements.

The couple signed a reconciliation agreement, which states that Weir’s mother Pamela must butt out of the couple’s private life and personal finances.

Johnny Weir-Voronov and Victor Weir-Voronov separated

Weir filed for divorce from Voronov, whom he married at the end of 2011 after just months of dating, in February while working as a commentator for NBC at the Sochi Olympics.

The split became nasty quickly, with Weir claiming Voronov destroyed his beloved Birkin bags  and Voronov claiming his ex sent text messages to gay porn star Michael Lucas and engaged in threesomes.

Just recently, Voronov accused his estranged husband of sending a “hateful and disgusting” email and filed court papers saying Weir had violated a temporary restraining order by sending the email.

Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov

Voronov had a restraining order on Weir following an incident on March 5 in which Weir allegedly hit him on the arm and threw a wooden Russian doll at him.

Victor, 29, claims Weir committed multiple acts of adultery , including an affair with an unidentified Chicago club owner. He also claimed Weir was holding their dog Tema hostage.

Voronov also asked a judge to force Weir to return his personal property, which includes 20 fur coats, a crocodile Celine bag, 40 Balenciaga bags, one green and one orange Hermes Birkin and 12 Chanel bags.


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