“Ice Road Truckers” Star Arrested For Attacking Prostitute “Snow White”


Tim Zickuhr of Ice Road Truckers

Tim Zickuhr, a star of a reality trucking show on The History Channel, has been charged with kidnapping a Las Vegas prostitute and threatening to kill her.

He faces three felony charges after threatening and attacking a woman identified as Lisa Marie Cadeau.

Tim reportedly attacked her after accusing her of taking too much money out of his debit account after he gave her his ATM card to pay for their romantic evening together.

“Snow White” aka Lisa Cadeau claimed, “I only withdrew the $80 I was supposed to and an additional $120 that I wasn’t”.

Here’s the only photo we could find of “Snow White”, taking in 2008 when she was reported as missing.


The reality star was in Las Vegas on the night of December 18 when he hired the prostitute. He gave her his ATM card so that she could withdraw her payment.

He later accused her of taking too much from the account but she agreed to come back and meet him the following day to settle things.

Zickuhr allegedly went door to door looking for Cadeau. He finally located her and demanded $1,000.

Tim Zickuhr reported beat her, tied her up with backpack straps, poured cold water over her from a mop bucket, locked her in a closet and forced her to jump from a second-floor window and onto a carport.

She gave him $300, but he demanded the number of someone who could pay him the remainder. She then gave him the number of a cop who had told her to call if she was ever in trouble.

Zickuhr, not knowing he was speaking to a police officer, said that if he didn’t get the money, “he was going to go to Mexico to kill Snow White”.

He then put her on the line and she pleaded for help.

Police say that when arrested, Zickuhr “immediately admitted that he made a mistake,” adding that he had planned to put an ad for her on Craigslist and force her to have sex for money for his benefit.

Cadeau suffered injuries to her face and arms as well as cuts on her wrist where she had been tied up.

He now faces first degree kidnapping, extortion and coercion charges and will be back in court in May.

You can’t make this stuff up folks!

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Images: History channel/news


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