Hilarious Easter Bunny Photos: These Kids Are Terrified!


Kids terrified of Easter Bunny

Most of us adore the Easter Bunny, who hides eggs filled with candy for us to find on Easter Sunday. Easter is a celebration by Christians around the world in honor of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

But there’s a creepy side to this holiday. Many parents enjoy having their children sit on the lap of an adult dressed in an Easter Bunny costume, with some priceless reactions. Let’s check out some hilarious Easter Bunny photos!

These parents are set on capturing a photo of their little ones perched on the lap of the Easter Bunny. It becomes a little scary when he is six feet tall, with huge buck teeth.

Let’s take a look at some children scared to death of the Easter Bunny!

This little guy is trying to let his mom snap the photo, but his little sister is outta there!

Kids terrified of Easter Bunny

These two sisters are all dolled up in their frilly pink Easter dresses. They are surprised the Easter Bunny is so big and where’s the candy?

Girl in cute pink dress isn't having it

Big sister is smiling pretty for the camera, but her little bro wants no part of this photo!

Little guy scared of Easter Bunny

This adorable baby girl is wearing her Sunday best, but is terrified of the Easter Bunny.

Cute little girl in Easter dress crying

This Easter Bunny is trying to ensure mom gets her Easter photo. The little girl is scared sh*tless!

Scary Easter Bunny pics

One little girl seems oblivious to the giant Bunny, but the other little girl is scared to death.

Crying children with Easter Bunny

These two brothers are in agreement that the Easter Bunny sucks!

Easter Bunny photo fail

These little twin girls want nothing to do with this Easter Bunny!

These little twins want nothing to do with Easter picture

No wonder this poor child is scared!  It looks like the Easter Bunny is eating her head!

Easter Bunny photo fail

This little girl is pretty in pink and matching the Easter Bunny. But she wants off his lap now!

Pretty in pink and scared to death

This little guy may be a Superman fan, but he’s no fan of the Easter Bunny.

Superman scared of Easter Bunny

These children are so frightened that they are bailing in any way possible. They are out of there!

Funny Easter Bunny photo

This poor little girl is frozen in fear in her Easter portrait.

Scared little girl with Easter Bunny

This Easter Bunny seems to find it amusing to scare the crap out of little children.

Easter Bunny with scared children

These kid’s facial expressions are screaming “Ah hell naw”!

Little boys crying in Easter Bunny's lap

Who can blame this guy for being scared. What kind of Easter Bunny is this? Half Rat?

Freaky looking Easter Bunny

This little girl is thinking “screw the Easter candy”, I’m out of here!

Little girl ditches Easter basket

Big sister is all smiles but little brother got a peek of this creepy Easter Bunny’s face!

Scared little boy with creepy Easter Bunny

These poor kids think their mom sucks to force them into sitting on the Easter Bunny’s lap.

Easter portrait gone wrong

Of course, not every child is scared of the Easter Bunny.

This little girl is all smiles sitting on the lap of the super-scary “Donnie Darko” looking bunny!

Scary Easter Bunny

And this little boy REALLY loves the Easter Bunny!

Little boy in compromising position with Easter Bunny

Happy Easter everyone!



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