Drake Disguises Himself & Finds Out What Fans Really Think About Him! (VIDEO)


Drake dons wig and beard

It doesn’t seem like it would very enjoyable to hear harsh criticism about yourself from fans.

But rapper Drake dared to find out just what the public thinks about him by going undercover in a fake beard, glasses, and a wig. See the funny video!

The rapper, who is dating Rihanna, got into disguise for a skit on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

He was called a “chicken head”, “childish”, and an “actor” by people on the street that answered his questions.

Drake asked one man, “How do you feel about rapper Drake refusing to acknowledge Caucasian athletes at the ESPYS?”, which he’ll be hosting in July.

The man replied, “I think its baloney, you know.  I mean everybody should be treated equally. And hopefully it’ll impact his career too, in a negative way”.

Drake dons wig and beard

Another guy on the street had pretty strong feelings about the musician, stating, “‘I’d say he’s a chicken head”.  We have no idea what that means, but it isn’t very flattering.

He asked the opinionated man if he was a fan and he replied, “no”.

The Fake Drake asked an older woman, “Drake performs as long as my bitches love me at Malia Obama’s birthday party; the viral video comes out, she’s crying, she’s plugging her ears. And it makes you feel what?”

The shocked woman answered, “Sad, very sad.”

He asked a young Australian woman, “How do you feel about Drake performing a surprise performance at Coachella and airing his sex tape on the screen?”

She answered, “No, no”, adding that it sounded like something the rapper might do.

Another person on the street was asked, ‘Today a story came out where Drake apparently got a little too tipsy and apparently urinated in a baby gap. What do you think of that?”

The man replied, “Childish”, with Drake quipping, “No pun intended?”

One fan defended the rapper, sticking up for his idol.

He was asked about the ESPYs, stating, “I think he definitely killed it. An awesome performance, definitely a great guy.”

He then asked, “What was better. Was it the Taylor Swift impression, or was it when he cried at the end because he was so happy?”

He answered seriously, “I think it was when he cried at the end, it showed he’s a genuine guy, you know.”

Drake joined by fan on Kimmel

He asked the man to throw out a few lines from his favorite Drake song and then took off his disguise to the shocked fan.

The fan appeared on Kimmel with the rapper.

Drake said of doing the skit, “It’s hard to figure out what people really think. Because in person people are nice because in you could punch them in person. But online they are not nice.”

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