Chris Brown’s Assault Case Moving Forward!


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Chris Brown’s assault case is going forward after a judge in Washington on Monday rejected the request to dismiss it.

Brown’s lawyers argued the case should be dismissed because prosecutors abused the grand jury process to prepare for trial. The judge didn’t see things the same way.

Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, said prosecutors used the grand jury to ‘freeze’ the testimony of the alleged victim in the case, calling the incident “the most investigated misdemeanor of all time.”

Judge Patricia Wynn agreed with prosecutors that they had the right to use the grand jury to assess the strength of their case. The judge stated, “I am persuaded that there was no abuse”.

Wynn ordered that Brown and his bodyguard be tried separately. Brown’s bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, will begin his trial on April 17. Brown’s trial will start after Hollosy’s ends. Both cases will be decided by a judge, not a jury.

Brown’s bodyguard is expected to testify during Brown’s trial that he is the one who punched the man. Hollosy told police he struck the man when he attempted to get onto Brown’s tour bus.

Chris Brown threesome got him kicked out

Prosecutors have a totally different version of the incident. They say Brown first punched the man when he tried to get in a picture Brown was taking with two women. They say Hollosy then struck the man.

A court document says the alleged victim was given medical treatment for a fractured nose and injuries to his face and head.

At the time of the alleged assault in Washington, Brown was on probation in California for a 2009 attack on singer Rihanna.

Shortly after his arrest in Washington, Brown entered rehab for anger management treatment.

The singer was tossed in jail last month after violating the treatment facility’s rules. If convicted in the Washington case, Brown could face additional penalties, including time behind bars.

Chris Brown and his bodyguard were not present in court on Monday. A spokesman for the U.S. Marshals Service transported Brown to the area for his trial, confirming the singer is currently being held at a facility in the Washington area.

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