Check Out The All-Time Worst Fashion Fails At MTV Movie Awards


Biggest fashion fails of all time at MTV Movie Awards

The MTV Movie Awards are on tonight, hosted by the hilarious Conan O’Brien!

We love to see the winners of this fun award’s show, but also love to see the fashions. Let’s check out some of the major fashion fails of the MTV Movie Awards of all time!

The MTV movie awards is a more relaxed and fun event, where celebrities enjoy experimenting with their looks.

We’re quite certain there will be more fashions fails from tonight’s show. But until then, let’s take a peek at the most ridiculous looks we’ve spotted at the show in previous years.

Kesha went with a crazy hippie/goth outfit at the 2013 Movie Awards. She wore a black floppy hat, a black vest with fringe, and see-through embroidered pants.  The visible grandma panties were a lovely touch.

Singer Kesha 2013 MTV Movie Awards

In 2011, Nicki Minaj put her large breasts in the spotlight in a black Michael Kors vest in 2011. She added khaki pants and wedges and an overkill of gold accessories.

Nicki Minaj busts out

Victoria Beckham is known these days for her classy and fashionable attire, but the former Spice Girl debuted a less-than-Posh look at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. Beckham wore a zebra print mini-dress, paired with her hot pink bra, silver heels, and boobs on display.

Victoria Beckham 2007 MTV Movie Awards

Paris Hilton wore a crazy outfit to the 2003 Movie Awards, donning a turquoise one-shoulder crop top and skirt that looked like a major wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

Paris Hilton..what was she thinking?

“Pitch Pefect” star Hana Mae Lee wore an interesting get-up to the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. The black strappy dress and heels were fine, but the cigarette butt hat was a little weird.

Hana Mae Lee 2013 outfit

Brooklyn Decker has a hot body, but her dress at the 2011 awards was a total hot mess.  Brooklyn looked like she was wearing her grandma’s disco dress.  So tacky.

Brooklyn Decker frumpy in gold dress

Macklemore does love the “Thrift Shop”, but his strange blue cape outfit wasn’t too incredible at last year’s Movie Awards.

Macklemore blue cape a little strange

Pink likes to have fun with fashion, but this look at the awards in 2001 didn’t impress us at all.

Pink in neon yellow skirt and blue t-shirt

Sandra Bullock usually looks fantastic on the red carpet, but she looked frumpy and boring in this dress/denim look in 2005.

Sandra Bullock at 2005 Movie Awards

Sacha Baron Cohen channeled his hilarious character Bruno when he attended the MTV Movie Awards in 2009.  Pretty hideous, but we’re certain Cohen was going for that look in this leopard mankini and matching leopard print boots.

Bruno, aka Sacha Baron Cohen

Carmen Electra attended the Movie Awards in 1998 in a white very revealing gown.  This would have been perfect for the adult film awards, but a bit much for this event.

Carmen Electra fashion fail

Gwen Stefani is known for always looking picture-perfect, but her outfit at the 1997 Movie Awards wasn’t her best look!


Gwen Stefani didn't always look great

Bryce Dallas Howard attended the 2011 MTV Movie Awards in this tacky pink gown.  We have to give her a pass because she was rocking a baby bump, but it’s certainly not her best look.

Bryce Dallas Howard ugly dress

Lucy Walsh, actress and daughter of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, was a hot mess in ruffles at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards.  We love ruffles but this purple and burgundy dress was pretty hideous.

Lucy Walsh in hideous ruffled dress


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