Celebrity Guys Reveal Their Same-Sex Crush!


Josh Hutcherson likes cool Lenny Kravitz

We don’t blink an eye when we hear a female celebrity talk about her “girl crush”, but a few males in Hollywood have no problem revealing their man crushes.

Find out what male stars are crushing hard on these celebrity dudes!

Javier Bardem is man enough to reveal he has a crush on fellow actor Brad Pitt.  Bardem, who is married to actress Penelope Cruz, admitted he acted like a teen girl when he met Pitt.  We can’t say we blame him! Javier Bardem fancies Brad Pitt

Josh Hutcherson, who plays the role of Peeta in “Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” recently revealed his guy crush.

The actor admitted he has a crush on rocker Lenny Kravitz, who plays Cinna in the “Hunger Games” films.

Josh was asked if he’d choose Lenny or Liam Hemsworth as his ideal guy, with the actor replying, “I’d probably say Lenny. Only because, like, the cool, like, artist kind of thing. And he’s just rock and roll through and through. That is just… he’s got it going on.”

Josh Hutcherson likes cool Lenny Kravitz

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed in a 2013 interview that he found “Magic Mike” star Channing Tatum very attractive.

The Rock is a tough guy, but he’s certainly not scared to admit his feelings about Channing.  Johnson stated, “He is, according to some, and one People magazine, the Sexiest Man Alive. And the truth is, and I can say this because I’m very comfortable in my own manhood and sexuality, he is a very sexy guy. He’s a good-looking guy.”

Dwayne Johnson & Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum has plenty of dudes and women crushing on him, but he has his own celebrity crush.

During an interview with The Sun in 2013, Channing revealed he REALLY likes George Clooney.  Tatum stated, “I’ve spent time with George Clooney, and he’s the most interesting man on the planet. He can do it all. I guess what I’m saying is I’d have sex with him.”

Channing Tatum crushing on George Clooney

“Divergent” star Ansel Elgort, who can next be seen in “The Fault in Our Stars”, has great taste and admitted he is crushing on Tom Hardy.

He told Flaunt magazine, “I would go gay for Tom [Hardy] ! He lets himself become the character and reveals so much about himself in the process. He is very special.”

Ansel Elgort's crush is Tom Hardy

Ryan Reynolds, the husband of actress Blake Lively, was promoting his movie “Adventureland” a few years ago that starred Kristen Stewart.

He was asked by an interviewer if he was a fan of “Twilight”, replying that he especially like its hunky star Robert Pattinson.

Reynolds said, “Are you kidding me? Robert Pattinson? In a word? Dreamy . . . I’m not gay, but I’m thinkin’ about it.”

Ryan Reynolds finds Robert Pattinson dreamy

George Clooney may be the star of most of our fantasies, but the hunky actor has his own man-crush!

Clooney’s guy crush was revealed by actress Julia Roberts.  She said, “George Clooney is obsessed with Clive . . . because he’s English, because his successes have stood on the shoulders of his talents alone, because he hasn’t just been carried away by popular culture.”

Clive Owen mentioned in an interview that he shares the love. Owen said, “Well, I’ve got a bit of a crush on George Clooney . . . I think he’s great.”

George Clooney & Clive Owen guy-crush

Robert Downey Jr.‘s little guy-crush was with his “Sherlock Holmes” costar Jude Law.  Actress Rachel McAdams said Jude and Robert’s little bromance was the love story in the film.  Robert replied, “It’s called circumstantial homosexuality.”

Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law

Patrick Dempsey has previously admitted he is crushing hard on actor Johnny Depp.

He was asked in 2008 in his Advocate interview about his male crush, telling the publication, “Johnny Depp, certainly, without question. There’s just something about his individuality, his humility, and his sense of style. He’s also immensely talented and intelligent, and that’s all very sexy.”

Patrick Dempsey admires Johnny Depp

Seth Rogen doesn’t mince words when he talks about his huge guy crush on his “Neighbors” costar, Zac Efron.

Rogen said of Zac, “Zac Efron is incredibly handsome . . . He literally has the best body I’ve ever seen on a human being ever in my life. We literally had to write in to the scene that I couldn’t keep eye contact with him ’cause I kept just like reaching out and touching his body like I was seeing some magical mirage or something like that.”

Zac Efron and Seth Rogen

Dax Shepard recently revealed in his interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that he’s loved Brad Pitt ever since he starred in “Legends of the Fall” as Tristen.

Dax joked about his huge man-crush and the moment he came face-to-face with Pitt at the Oscars 2014.

Shepard is just adorable and so excited as he talks about his love of the actor!

Dax Shepard adores Brad Pitt

That’s awesome that Ellen gave him that awesome portrait. Maybe he can hang it in his man cave?


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