Celebrities That Homeschool Their Children!


Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie pics

It seems many frown upon the idea of homeschooling. Maybe because it’s different or they worry about the child’s social skills. But these days more and more people are deciding to teach their children at home.

We are going to take a look at celebrities that have decided to homeschool their children.

Homeschooling is a great option for some families, especially people in Hollywood that may need a flexible schooling schedule. There are around 2 million homeschoolers in America and that number is growing.

Some big celebrities choose to homeschool, whether they do it themselves or hire teachers for their children. They still prefer a more hands-on approach.

Of course, not everyone that decides to homeschool will be successful, but not everyone does well that attends public or private school either.

Let’s check out some celebrity families that have chosen this route for their children’s education.

Mayim Bialik

“Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik, an advocate of attachment parenting, has spoken about her decision to homeschool.  She said, “it’s the way people have always raised children, except for the last 200 years.  We really like the Waldorf philosophy (no media, natural toys, emphasis on non-academics for the first 7 years and after that, very child-led), but we also love being a part of our boys’ learning and life”.

Bialik, who has sons Miles and Fred, adds, “For those who believe parents know their child the best, and that every child’s needs are different, home-schooling works. I think we have to do what’s best for the family, without judging others’ choices, and let the kids be the proof”.

The former “Blossom” star is one smart cookie.  She holds a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA.

Mayim Bialik homeschools her kids

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and fiance Brad Pitt homeschool their large brood of six.  They chose it because this type of education works well for their nomadic lifestyle. They hire teachers to travel with them and teach the children.

Angelina previously stated, “I do think we live in a different age and the education system hasn’t caught up with our children and our way of life”.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie pics

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett

The Smith family like the flexible side of homeschooling and how their children are able to pursue their interests (acting for son Jaden and music for daughter Willow).

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett have also been critical of the existing education system. Jada said, “The school system in this country – public and private – is designed for the industrial age. We’re in a technological age. We don’t want our kids to memorize. We want them to learn.”

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

John Travolta and Kelly Preston first began homeschooling their first born son Jett, who had special needs and needed one-on-one attention. After Jett’s untimely death at 16, the couple continued to homeschool their daughter Ella Bleu and are reportedly planning to do the same for their young son Benjamin.

John Travolta & Kelly Preston

Kris Jenner

The Kardashian family matriarch, Kris Jenner, has allowed her daughters Kendall and Kylie to drop out of high school to homeschool.  Their father Bruce was against the idea, but Kris allowed it because the girls missed school due to “business commitments”.

Kris Jenner with Kendall and Kylie

Erykah Badu

Singer Erykah Badu has spoken previously of the benefits of homeschooling her eldest son Seven. She said, “By being home-schooled he learned how to learn – he learned how to solve problems in a nontraditional way. In doing that he developed an edge in his schoolwork. He enjoys challenges. He pushes himself. He does his homework voluntarily.” She also home schooled her younger daughter Mars, telling a fan who asked why she was home schooled that it was “because she deserves it”.

Singer Erykah Badu pics

Lisa Whelchel

Lisa Whelchel, who is most known for playing the rich girl Blair on “The Facts of Life”, had already taught her eldest child some schooling basics by kindergarten age and could see her younger two were also eager to learn alongside him. The actress said, “We were having so much fun, you couldn’t have paid me to send my kids to school.”

Lisa Whelchel on "Survivor: Phillippines"

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s two adopted children Isabella and Connor were homeschooled by Tom’s sisters, and he and Katie Holmes also initially chose homeschooling for their daughter Suri. Katie previously said, “We like the one-on-one education. I’m really happy that my daughter is strong-willed and determined. You really have to go with what the child is wanting.” After her split from Cruise, Holmes reportedly enrolled Suri in a private Catholic school.

Tom Cruise chose to have his children homeschooled

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow homeschooled her children by hiring a tutor to travel with her family and teach her children – daughter Apple, and son Moses.  Gwyneth reportedly paid her tutor $100K a year, plus an apartment and getting to travel the world.

Gwyneth Paltrow pictures

Homeschooling used to be mainly used for very religious families, but these days it has become more mainstream. Just a few celebrities that were taught at home include Jennifer Love Hewitt, Demi Lovato, Ryan Gosling, and Tim Tebow.


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