Bride Received Most Awesome Wedding Toast (VIDEO)



A beautiful bride named Stephanie Huntington was floored when a wedding toast from her best friend Bradley Bredeweg turned into a professionally choreographed routine to the Britney Spears song “Work B**ch”.

The video was uploaded on YouTube and Britney herself shared the video with fans.

Bradley Bredeweg, the best friend of the bride Stephanie, started his toast off with some a little advice for the newlyweds.

He was very serious at first, before adding, “We all know that marriage takes love and care, but marriage also takes a lot of work…So… you better work b***h.”

Bride's best friend dances to "work, bitch" at wedding

Bredeweg then breaks out into a dance performance, joined by eight professional male and female backup dancers.

The bride was both stunned and thrilled, while her groom seemed to be very amused.

The bride later said, “I was just blown away the whole time. I was so shocked and so surprised. It was just so much fun.”

At the end of the dance, Stephanie was invited to the stage to join her friend as everyone applauded the performance.

Bredeweg, who happens to be the co-creator and executive producer of ABC’s “The Fosters”, contacted choreographer Chris Downey at Asher Entertainment to help him put the show-stopping performance together.

Downey explained, “The bride thought [the dancers] were employees of the venue, so no one knew a bunch of professional dancers were there. This is honestly the best gift you can give someone at a wedding. She freaked out.”

Awesome wedding toast turned dance number

Britney Spears, 32, seemed to love the performance, tweeting the video to her fans. The singer wrote, “Ummm….this wedding toast is INCREDIBLE!!! I want IN on the 10 year anniversary performance!!! #WORKBXXCH”.


Hungtington said of her longtime best friend, “We’re both kindred spirits. Britney has been the soundtrack of our friendship.”

So cute, huh?


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