Brandon Jenner VS Kim Kardashian In “Sexy-Off” (VIDEO)


Brandon Jenner pokes fun at Kim's sexy video

Kim Kardashian is so full of herself that it’s a little disgusting, but her step-brother Brandon Jenner had a little fun at her expense.

Kim shared a bikini photo of herself as she whipped her wet hair on Wednesday, with Brandon making his own sexy video. We definitely like his best!

Brandon Jenner couldn’t help but spoof the racy slow-motion clip, recreating his step-sister’s hair-whipping.

The 32-year-old got on all fours on a couch, wearing a black tee and shorts. He playfully captioned his video, “We all know who’s the hottest @Kimkardashian”.

The hunk whips his brunette hair sensually to the sound of 70s porn music.

Kim’s own video shows her in a nude bikini, submerged in a pool with the cryptic caption “coming soon”.

It’s unclear from the 10 second video just what would be coming. And does anyone really care?

Kim has just returned from a trip with her family to Thailand, which included her step-brother Brandon and his wife and bandmate Leak.

Brandon Jenner seems to have a great sense of humor. He has lots of material with superficial Kim and her sisters!

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Images: YouTube


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