Blake Shelton Really DID Tweet Adam Levine’s Cell Number (VIDEO)


Blake Shelton goes too far

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have always shared a bromance, filled with teasing each other on “The Voice”.

But things went a little too far when country singer Blake tweeted Adam’s real personal cell number on live television last night. Oops!

Here’s how it all went down!

The judges had just returned from a commercial break when the tweet threatening to share Adam’s number was shown.

Blake Shelton tweets Adam's cell phone number

Adam Levine laughed it off, not believing Blake would actually do it. But fellow judges Shakira and Usher watched as Blake tweeted it out right in front of them.

In not time, People magazine’s 2013 Sexiest Man Alive soon noticed his phone was ringing.

Levin answered, “Hola”, then stating, “Are you kidding me? That is not funny.”

Later in the show, Adam was noticeably not his usual chipper self.

The singer got very serious, telling Blake, “Just know that you have it coming because that’s not cool at all”. Blake replied, “I think it’s pretty cool”.

Before the show, Blake had joked on Twitter about his plan.

“@adamlevine… I just found the craziest thing in my phone!!! Your PERSONAL cell phone number… hope I’m not stupid enough to tweet it out…”

Blake later tweeted that Adam was “flirting with danger” if he didn’t believe he would share his number.

Blake later went off on Adam for letting singer Josh Kaufman go earlier in the competition.

He told Levine, “I can’t imagine what kind of a guy with his phone number on Twitter would release an artist like that. I mean you would have to be an absolute jackass to do something like that”.

Adam made a zipper motion across his lips but later blurted to Blake, “It would be better if you just shut up.”

Shelton was later shown answering Adam’s cell phone during a commercial break. He said, “This is Blake. I’m answering Adam’s phone ’cause I actually feel bad that I gave his number out. So, I’m answering the phone now.”

Adam tried to keep calm, later tweeting to his nearly five million followers, “I’m seriously amazed at @blakeshelton’s stupidity…”.

“Voice” host Carson Daly confirmed to the “Today” show that it was Levine’s real phone number.

“It was his number,” Daly said. “I knew it was real because Adam told me it was real, but I didn’t know if they were going to go through with it or how it would play out. … The phone that I always call him on is now discontinued.”

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