Awkward Family Photos: And You Thought Your Family Was Weird!


What were they thinking?

We’ve all heard the old adage – “you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family”.

Most of us have some pretty embarrassing family photos from our past, but these awkward family photos take the cake!

Some are as mild as big 80s hair and funky fashion choices, while others are totally cringe-worthy.

It appears some couples and families decided to really liven up their portraits with strange backgrounds and head-scratching props.

We all have our interests and passions and some choose to include them in their portrait sessions.

This couple appears to have very different interests. This guy appears to love his parrot, while his significant other adores her bayonet rifle.

Couple and their passions

Nothing is more macho than three dudes shirtless and striking their sexiest poses together!  And the hair! Wow!

What were they thinking?

Ahhh…the magical moment a new sibling is born.  One big brother appears to have found the doctor’s glove and is quite happy with himself. The disgusted expression on his big brother’s face is awesome!

Boy wants to be a doctor?

This dad thought it would be cute to pretend to eat his baby, but his wife doesn’t appear to see the humor in the situation!

Dad pretends to eat his baby

This family must really love Winnie the Pooh.  It makes you wonder if the photographer was able to keep a straight face.

Winnie the Pooh family

This family wanted to capture a cute photo of their son, but the carousel pole placement and t-shirt lettering stating “Sweat Shirt” didn’t turn out as planned.

Little boy but foul shirt

We actually love this next family photo. It’s playful and fun and what we all feel like doing to our family members on occasion.

Funny awkward family photo

This mother in her innocent pink shirt just wanted a nice family photo for her album.  Her “punk” children look out of this world.

Punk kids are out of this world

This technological savvy family wanted to show off their new-fangled gadgets in their family portrait. Fancy!

Technological family photo

This artsy family wanted to do a little something different in their family photo…and succeeded.  This is just wrong on so many levels though!

Nude family stacked pic

July 4th is a great time to spend with family, lighting up sparklers with your nude dad. Hey, at least he remembered his flip-flops!

July 4th with nude dad

This family obviously decided against adoption…at least of humans.  At least the monkey children are well-dressed!

Monkey family photo

There’s a wise rule to never get into the middle of a dog fight.  But what do you do when it’s happening as you’re posing for a family photo?  The guy’s face in the middle is hilarious. You can tell his siblings are loving it!

Mean dogs family photo

This big sister either thinks her little brother is delicious or was trying to get him to smile. Either way, it ended up a funny and awkward photo!

This sister loves her little bro

This family enjoyed a trip to Hawaii and wanted to capture the moment.  Their son couldn’t keep his eyes off the native’s coconuts.

Hawaiian family vacation

We have no clue what is going on in this photo.  We are getting a great view of the cat’s genitals, but are confused if the person on the right is a guy or a girl. We bet his/her name is Pat … or Chris.

What in the hell?

This family looks like a sweet All-American family.  One that obviously is packing heat!

Gun family photo

A very Goth Merry Christmas.  This family looks thrilled to be posing with St. Nick.  At least Santa finds this depressing photo amusing!

Goth family Christmas

We are loving this family photo.  Nothing like a little family time watching two tortoises have sexy-time!

Great family photo

No matter how old you are, you are always their baby!

You'll always be their baby

Hey kids, stand in front of that huge explosion! It’ll make a great picture!

Kids posing in front of explosion

This family got Medieval on their family picture. A centaur and his wench.  How sweet!

Scarborough Faire family?

This Bride and Groom appear to be dressed more appropriately for their wedding night than their wedding. To each their own…

Crazy wedding photo

This dad seems to be more in love with his muscles and orange tan.  But it was nice of him to allow his family in the shot for the photo.

Tan dad and family


Well, there we have it!  Our latest edition of Awkward Family photos!  Your family doesn’t seem nearly as strange now, huh?



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