Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen Make Rare Appearance On Ellen (VIDEO)


Mary Kate & Ashley on Ellen show

The Olsen twins are more into fashion these days than appearing on television, but Mary-Kate and Ashley appeared on the “Ellen DeGeneres” show on Friday.

The twins played a little trivia game and revealed most people cannot tell them apart.

Ashley told Ellen , “For us I think it’s more like, ‘Are you Mary or Kate?’ or ‘Are you Mary-Kate and Ashley?’ or are you the ”Ashley twins”, well I’m one of them.'”

Olsen twins on Ellen show

The 27-year-olds left the world of television to become fashion designers and were on the talk show to promote their two new fragrances Elizabeth and James Nirvana White and Nirvana Black.

DeGeneres was trying to find the difference between the two scents, Ellen shocked the girls by spraying one into her mouth.

The crowd erupted into laughter, but Mary-Kate appeared shocked.

The former child star had her hand on her heart, saying, “That scared me! Haven’t been on TV in a while guys.”

The 56-year-old host had the twins play a game called “Mary-Kate or Ashley?”

Mary-Kate and Ashley were each given a paddle which read “Me” or “Her” on each side.

Mary-Kate was revealed to be the best dancer and the most likely to get out of a parking ticket.

Ashley was deemed the funniest but the pair was a little more murky when it came to knowing who got their first kiss first.

Mary-Kate did not talk about the man who could potentially be the last man she ever kisses, fiance Oliver Sarkozy.

Mary-Kate and Ashley first became household names before they could even talk when at six-months-old they were cast to play Michelle Tanner on “Full House” before starring in movies.

The Olsen twins throwback pic

The twins officially quit acting in 2012 to focus on their two fashion labels Elizabeth and James and the luxury label The Row.

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