Alessandra Ambrosio Takes 5-Year-Old Daughter Anja To Coachella!


Alessandra Ambrosio takes daughter Anja to Coachella

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was blasted by critics for taking her five-year-old daughter to the Coachella music festival this weekend.

The annual event attracts party people and the big names in music to the California desert, with the Victoria’s Secret stunner sharing Instagram photos of their weekend.

Ambrosio posted pictures of her daughter Anja, her two pals, and another young girl in the car on the way to the music festival.

The model probably thought her daughter would have fun, but people freaked out that she would bring her young daughter to the event.

Alessandra Ambrosio & pals head to Coachella

One Instagram follower posted, “If you have to drive to Coachella in a car seat, then you are probably too young to go.”

Alessandra Ambrosio brings daughter to Coachella

Alessandra, 33, posted more pictures of Anja enjoying herself at the music festival, including a nighttime shot, where her daughter is being held up to see above the crowd.

Anja enjoying Coachella

Another incredulous follower wrote, “I’m a young mum that enjoys music festivals as well, however there is a limit on bringing kids to a festival like this one where it’s full of druggies, drunkies, and of course a sexy environment that is unnecessary to be exposed (to) at this early age”.

Another user wrote, “Really sick to bring a kid to a festival! Bad parenting.”

Of course, others saw nothing wrong with Alessandra Ambrosio’s decision to take her daughter to the festival, stating she’s a “cool mom” and that Coachella has no age restrictions.

This was Ambrosio’s second weekend at Coachella.  She was spotted just with her female friends last weekend.

Do you think there’s anything wrong with Alessandra taking her young daughter?

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