What? Zac Efron Gets Into A Fight With Three Hobos In Skid Row!


Why was Zac Efron in Skid Row?

If you thought the Zac Efron slipping in a puddle and ending up with a broken jaw was a strange story, you’ve got to read this!

The hunky “Neighbors” actor was reportedly drunk on Sunday night in a downtown Los Angeles area known for drug deals. Zac got into a fight with transients. WTH?

Zac Efron mysteriously wound up in a bad part of Los Angeles just after midnight and was caught in a brawl with a bunch of hobos.

Police came upon the actor and his bodyguard in a fight with three other people under the Harbor Freeway. The cops broke up the fight but did not arrest anyone because it was considered a “mutual combat”.

Efron was said to have told police he ran out of gas and was sitting in his car waiting for a tow truck.

Zac explained that while waiting in his vehicle that they tossed a bottle out of the window that smashed and alerted the hobos. They apparently thought Zac or his bodyguard had thrown it in their direction.

A fight broke out and Efron was punched in the mouth.

This is very peculiar sounding and makes us wonder why they would be in that area in the first place. Hmmmm…

This incident comes after his November “freak accident”, when the actor broke his jaw after slipping in a puddle of water. He had to have his jaw wired shut.

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