Watch Lady Gaga’s Crazy Performances At SXSW 2014 (VIDEOS)


Lady Gaga has girl vomit on her video

Lady Gaga is almost always wacky and brought some crazy to her SXSW gig on Thursday night. Gaga’s performances included being roasted on a rotisserie, a woman vomiting a green substance on her while she played drums, and much more.

We also have Gaga’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Check out the videos!

The show was sponsored by Doritos and profits will benefit Gaga’s own Born This Way foundation.

The singer doused herself in Lone Star beer, telling the crowd not to post photos and video of the night online.

Videos of Lady Gaga at SXSW 2014

Lady Gaga was wheeled out in fishnets and a bra and panties on a giant rotisserie, where she performed her song “Aura”. Maybe a nod to Austin, Texas’ famous BBQ?

Lady Gaga's performances at SXSW videos

Lady Gaga gets barbecued on a rotisserie performing “Aura”:

Lady Gaga explains she hasn’t showered and has been eating lots of barbecue. Gaga addressed the crowd, saying: “I’ve been having such a good time all week. I haven’t showered. I’ve been drinking all week. And eating.”

Here’s Gaga performing “Manicure”:

As she performed her song “Swine”, Gaga played drums as a woman named Millie stuck her finger down her throat and vomited a green substance all over Gaga. What the eff?

Lady Gaga was sporting one of her most bizarre ensembles to date when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night sporting a quirky outfit made entirely out of coffee filters.

Lady Gaga on Jimmy Kimmel at SXSW

She said the crazy outfit was to cover her “weight gain” from eating so much that week.

Part 2 of Kimmel:

Part 3:

Gaga also spoke at SXSW 2014 festival about “Believing”


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