Usher Fed Up With Justin Bieber’s Bad Attitude: Not To Mention The Diss!


Justin Bieber's mentor Usher angry over diss?

Justin Bieber appeared very arrogant in his recent video deposition, even pretending not to know who his mentor Usher was…and giving him no credit for launching his career.

Insiders reveal Usher isn’t happy with Justin’s behavior these days and is even embarrassed by him.

Usher must have also watched the taped deposition and feels the kid needs some tough love.

A source close to the singer said, “Usher feels like the person that Justin has become is a complete embarrassment. Usher is certainly a mentor to Justin but he feels that Justin has gone off the rails and hasn’t listened to his advice. Usher is now taking things tot he point that Justin has to live and learn. Tough love is the remedy he thinks Justin needs.”

Usher, who has supported Justin ever since Scooter Braun discovered him at the age of 13, has tried to reason with Bieber and has had no luck.

The insider said, “He has tried, but overall [he] has his own career to worry about. Usher makes money off of Justin, which is true, but Usher also has enough money that Justin isn’t his main focus either.”

Usher fed up with bratty Bieber?

Usher actually helped make Justin Bieber the star he is today, something Justin doesn’t seem to realize.

In this deposition video, Bieber is asked if Usher was “instrumental” in starting his career. Bieber first refuses to answer and then says he was instrumental in developing his own career after being discovered on YouTube. Those comments apparently didn’t go over too well with Usher.

Well, at least Bieber has Selena Gomez. At least until he cheats on her again.

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