Taylor Swift Obtains Restraining Order Against Scary Stalker


Taylor Swift gets protection from "husband"

Singer Taylor Swift has obtained a restraining order against a stalker who vowed to kill anyone that came between them.

Timothy Sweet claims Taylor is his “wife” and has been harassing her since 2011. He threatened Taylor’s family and even Secretary of State John Kerry!

In court documents the 24-year-old singer reveals Sweet had sent her a barrage of terrifying emails, letters and social media posts.

The 33-year-old allegedly sent a series of chilling messages, which included writing, “If anyone in Taylor Swift’s family gets killed, it is not my fault. My wife, Taylor Swift (Sweet) and I live in Beverly Hills. I am in love with her. In conclusion, we treat each other with dignity and respect. I will carry a gun to protect her the rest of my life.”

Sweet also sent a message threatening the life of John Kerry. He wrote, “Dearest Taylor, I’ll kill any man who gets in the way of our marriage. Message to John Kerry, Secretary of State. Message from YOUR Presidential Candidate.”

We believe this is Tim Sweet’s Twitter page, full of all kinds of crazy. He also appears to fancy actress Emma Stone.

The restraining order request was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. Swift specifically asked the court to order Sweet to stay away from her mother, father and brother, as well. The restraining order will only last until March 25, when a hearing will take place to determine if it should be extended.

Taylor Swift gets restraining order

The incident has to be scary, but it’s certainly not the first for Taylor Swift.

Last year, security at her Rhode Island home caught a Chicago man who reportedly swam about a mile in order to reach her beachfront property. In 2012, a man was arrested for climbing a fence to a home in Nashville, Tennessee belonging to Swift.

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