Stephen Colbert Skewered Over “Racist” Tweet He Didn’t Make: Ridiculous


Stephen Colbert called racist

Comedian Stephen Colbert unwittingly provoked a frenzy on Twitter, with people rallying for his show to be cancelled after the Colbert Report official account posting a joke some find offensive.

The line was taken from a skit about the offensive nature of the name of the Washington Redskins, but was interpreted as a racist joke poking fun at Asian people.  Sensitive much?

The tweet was quickly deleted after an online backlash saw the post go viral and the hashtag #CancelColbert began trending on Twitter.
The tweet was posted by The Colbert Report, an account run by Comedy Central to promote the comedian’s show, on Thursday.

Colbert Report tweet enrages Asians?

Suey Park, a freelance writer and online activist, believed Colbert was behind the tweet, demanding the show be cancelled.

She wrote, “The Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals has decide to call for #CancelColbert. Trend it.”

Hundreds backed up Park’s request, accusing Colbert of being racist and oppressive.

Stephen Colbert had nothing to do with the post, and later tweeted from his personal account.

Stephen Colbert addresses Twitter frenzy

Shortly after #CancelColbert began trending, the tweet was deleted and the account posted a disclaimer, explaining it was not a tweet from Colbert.

Comedy Central posts explanation

Many fans knew the joke had been taken out of context and that the full segment on the show was the complete opposite of racist.

Cap’n Jack LaCroix wrote, “#CancelColbert is what happens when people confuse real racism with context-sensitive humor.”

Another user named Tom Brennan ‏added, “Finally looked into #CancelColbert – don’t make fun of racism or you’ll be called a racist apparently.”



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