Sir Elton John & David Furnish Getting Married In May!


Elton John & David Furnish to tie the knot

Singer Elton John and David Furnish entered into a civil partnership nine years ago, celebrating with a huge celebrity party.

But now that gay marriage is legal in England and Wales, the singer and his partner plan to get married.

John, 67, and Furnish, 51, announce plans to marry in May with a more low-key celebration.

David Furnish stated, “We don’t feel the need to take an extra step legally. But since we’re committed for life, we feel it’s really important to take that step, and take advantage of that amazing change in legislation. We all live by example.”

Elton loves to host large bashes, but the couple are planning a small wedding with just their two sons – Zachary, 3 and 14-month-old Elijah – and a few witnesses.

Furnish explained, “We do like big parties. Over eight years ago, we had 650 people on the 21st of December at our house in Windsor. But with the kids, everything is different. I think what we’ll do is go to a registry office in England in May, and take the boys with us, and a couple of witnesses.”

Elton and David, who have been a couple for 21 years, were one of the first couples to take advantage of the same-sex civil partnership law in England and Wales in December 2005 on the day it came into affect.

Elton John and David Furnish getting hitched

The civil ceremony was held at Windsor Guildhall, before hosting a celebrity party with celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Ringo Starr, Elizabeth Hurley, Donatella Versace, Claudia Schiffer, David Walliams and Sharon Stone in attendance.

David said and and Elton are thrilled they now have the equal right to marry, feeling it was never going to happen.

Furnish said, “I remember trying to come out to my mother and unfortunately going to all the negatives. ‘You’ll never get married. You’ll never have children. You’ll never be accepted by society. You’ll be prejudiced against. You won’t have a future’. We’re living in extraordinary times. My God, 20 years ago, when I started seeing Elton, if you asked me if I’d be able to get married, if I’d be able to have children, it was unthinkable, literally unimaginable.”

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