Singer Frank Ocean Settles Legal Battle With Chipotle: Writes Eff Off In Memo


Frank Ocean angry at Chipotle

Frank Ocean appears to have settled his legal battle with restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill, but he had the last (profane) word.

The restaurant sued the singer to get the $212,500 advance they’d given him, after he backed out of their deal. Frank paid up but obviously wasn’t a happy camper.

The restaurant sued the “Thinkin Bout You” after he changed his mind about singing a remake of the “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory” song Pure for $425,000.

Ocean sent a check to Chipotle to pay back the $212,500 advance, but couldn’t resist telling them to “f*ck off” in the memo.

He also posted a link on his Tumblr, where he posted a photo of the check.

Frank Ocean begrudgingly pays Chipotle

We have no idea why the singer would be so angry about having to do the right thing. After all, he’s the one the reneged on the deal!

Chipotle didn’t stoop to his level, simply stating, “We’ve seen the photo, but haven’t received a check.”

The track was never even recorded because Ocean became angry at the final cut of the advertisement with Chipotle’s logo at the end.

Frank Ocean, whose real name is Christopher Breaux, was supposed to have the song for their campaign to them by August 7, but told them he didn’t want to go through with the agreement.

A legal letter sent by Ocean’s team in August stated, “When Frank was asked to participate in this project, Chipotle’s representatives told him that the thrust of the campaign was to promote responsible farming. There was no Chipotle reference or logo in the initial presentation, and Chipotle told Frank that was an intentional element of the campaign. Frank was also promised that he’d have the right to approve the master and all advertising.”

Fiona Apple ended up doing the commercial in Ocean’s place.

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