Shayne Lamas Opens Up About Health Scare & Loss Of Baby


Nik Richie issues statement on wife Shayne Lamas

Shayne Lamas was said to have suffered a miscarriage when she was hospitalized in early February.

But in her first interview since her near-fatal experience, the 28-year-old beauty explained the baby had to be removed or she would have died.

Shayne and Nik Richie’s unborn son, whom they named Rex Jagger, was growing halfway outside of her uterus. The baby was attached to both her womb and bladder, which made it impossible to have a healthy pregnancy.

Lamas said, “The doctors hadn’t seen anything like it”.

The reality star’s placenta became punctured and she began hemorrhage. In order to save her life, the unborn child had to be removed.

Nik explained, “The doctors told me, ‘The baby is killing her. We have to remove the fetus or Shayne is going to die.’ It wasn’t a miscarriage. It was them having to kill our child to save my wife.”

That is so sad, but a choice that had to be made.

Shayne’s health scare began when she was relaxing at home on February 9. She was 20 weeks pregnant with her second child and was watching cartoons with her two-year-old daughter Press and her husband Nik.

Shayne Lamas and cutie Press

She said, “Out of nowhere, I had cramps like I’d never felt before, coming from all sides of my stomach – worse than labor”.

She passed out and doesn’t remember anything else. After waking, she was told she had lost the baby and had been given a hysterectomy.

Lamas said, “I screamed from the top of my lungs. You never think something like this will happen to you.”

Nik said his wife lost 15 pints of blood and doctors weren’t sure if she would pull through. Nik Richie revealed, “She died on the table and they brought her back. The doctors said it was an absolute miracle. There were two minutes where she lost oxygen to her brain.”

Shayne Lamas recovering after tragic miscarriage

Shayne was put into a coma and Nik had the heartbreaking moment he said goodbye to his son Rex. Nik recalls, “I picked him up and I told him how much we loved him. I kissed him on the forehead, held his hand and told him I would see him one day”.

Richie adds, “He was the most beautiful child. He looked just like Shayne.”

Lamas had a hysterectomy but doctors were able to save her ovaries which means she can have more children.

She said, “I’ll be able to give my eggs to a surrogate. I absolutely will have more kids. I want that for my family.”

Shayne said she is trying to get life back to normal after the heartbreaking experience. She admits, “It’s so hard when I’m giving Press a bath and I picture that there was supposed to be another one in the tub. I’d started to clean the newborn clothes. Now I can’t bear to look at them. For the rest of my life, I’m going to think of my son who never got to live.”

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