Paul Walker’s Baby-Mama Enters Rehab To Retain Custody Of Their Daughter


Late Paul Walker and daughter Meadow Rain

The late Paul Walker’s mother, Cheryl Walker, will not fight for custody of her son’s teenage daughter if her mother seeks help for her drinking problem.

Cheryl went to court this week to face 15-year old Meadow’s mother, Rebecca Soteros, who has a serious drinking problem and two DUIs already.

Rebecca’s drinking is reportedly the reason behind her daughter’s move to her father’s home three years ago.

Cheryl reportedly agreed to end her court battle for guardianship once Rebecca successfully completed a rehabilitation program and promised to undertake drug testing after her stint.

Soteros started her detox program on Friday, with the intention to move into a full-time rehab facility.

Paul Walker's baby-mama Rebecca Soteros

Paul Walker asked his mother to become his teenage daughter’s guardian only hours before he died in a horrific car crash.

“The Fast & The Furious” star felt too overwhelmed with movie projects to give his 15-year-old daughter, Meadow Rain, the proper attention she needed at the time.

He contacted his mother, Cheryl, on November 30 begging her to retire from her job as a nurse to look after Meadow full-time.

Meadow had moved in with her grandmother three months earlier as Meadow’s mother was deemed unfit to look after her due to her alcoholism.

Paul Walker's mother files for guardianship of Meadow

Meadow Walker will inherit Paul’s entire fortune, which is said to be around $16 million.

The 40-year-old actor died alongside his friend Roger Rodas on November 30 in a tragic car accident, which was recently revealed to have been caused by speed and not a car malfunction.

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