Oprah Winfrey’s Lindsay Lohan Documentary Is Dramatic & Sad (VIDEO)


Lindsay Lohan documentary clip released

Oprah Winfrey knew what she was getting into as she set out to film a documentary about Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay is shown in the trailer for the series pulling temper tantrums and being unreliable. Oprah calls her out over her antics.

Oprah is making the documentary series for her network OWN and you can see the media mogul’s frustration in dealing with the troubled actress.

Winfrey is told by her staff that Lindsay, “has changed things every single day – not following the rules that they agreed to. She wouldn’t commit to shoot next week so we had to cancel.”

A clearly frustrated Oprah tells Lindsay Lohan, “This is exactly what everybody said would happen and I believed differently. My truth is that I want you to win, I really do. If that isn’t what you want I’m OK with that. I’ll tell these guys to pack up and go away today.”

At one point in the video, director Amy Rice says they’re not able to shoot because Lindsay has locked them out of her apartment.

Oprah has a stern warning for Lindsay, saying, “You need to cut the bulls**t.”

Lindsay Lohan frustrated during filming

There are many other dramatic moments in the clip, including when Lohan’s sober coach fails to answer after being asked, “Is she sober?”

The starlets troubled relationship with her father Michael Lohan will also be shown. At one point Lohan tells her father, “Now you’re making me angry because you weren’t good for me for a long time”.

Lohan later seems to realize she’s messing things up again, saying, “I know that this is my last shot at doing what I love to do.”

“Lindsay” will premiere Sunday night, March 9 at 10 P.M. ET on OWN. The eight-part documentary follows the actress as she reunites with friends and family while attempting to build her new life.

We think this series will be really interesting and are all rooting for Lindsay to get her life back on track.

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