Oprah Winfrey Sends Twitter Fan Her Dress!


Oprah Winfrey sends fan her lovely gown

A Twitter user who goes by the name Snobaby Brandi used the social networking site Twitter to tell Oprah Winfrey how much she adored her dress worn on the cover of Essence Magazine.

The fan jokingly asked to have the dress, knowing the media mogul wouldn’t likely wear it again. And she said yes!

Brandi tweeted, “You look beautiful in that essence cover pic. WOW. CAN I please have that dress? Cuz I know u won’t wear again lol luv u” [sic]

She was shocked when Oprah replied to her, tweeting back, “You’re right I won’t wear ever again contact my asst. and show her this tweet”.

Oprah Winfrey twitter fan asks for dress

The Winfrey fan had the gorgeous white feathered gown by Brian Rennie for Basler in her hands just a week later!

Oprah Winfrey dress on Essence magazine

Brandi, who lives in Atlanta, revealed that she hopes to gorgeous gown when she gets married one day.

She thanked Oprah on Twitter, saying, “THANK YOU! Recv beautiful dress. Plan to wear at my wedding when I find a groom lol but will twt pic wearing it soon. Luv u to life!” [sic]

Oprah's Twitter fan Brandi receives dress

Oprah had worn the dress on the cover of the February 2014 issue of Essence, where she was shown posing alongside Forest Whitaker, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Michael B. Jordan.

It seems a little rude to come out and ask someone for their dress, but her forwardness paid off!

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