Nick Cannon “Bangs And Tells” On Power 106 (VIDEO)


Nick Cannon names sex partners

Nick Cannon was possibly inspired by Lindsay Lohan’s recently revealed “conquest list”, revealing a few of the famous ladies he had sexy-time with during his radio interview.

The 33-year-old television and radio personality even went into detail about the first time he had sex with his wife, Mariah Carey.  Oops!

Power 106 radio show posted their interview of Nick Cannon that told everything he couldn’t state while on the air.

Big Boy was pretty shocked at some of the women on the list and at the diss to reality star Kim Kardashian.

Nick Cannon was surprised Big Boy hadn’t heard he had sex with Kim, commenting, “You just forgot because there have been a lot of people since me” Ouch!

Nick Cannon slut-shames Kim Kardashian

Cannon realized that was a bit cruel, trying to cover his tracks by saying, “She’s a great girl though. Her family are some of the most incredible people I ever met in my life.”

Nick dated the reality star briefly from September 2006 to January 2007, and has previously said they split after Kim lied about the existence of her now notorious sex tape with Ray J.

The 33-year-old star claimed he had too sex partners to list them all, adding, “Are you kidding me this is L.A.? That’s the whole purpose of it, you have sex with actresses, singers, models.”  Classy thing to say Nick!

Nick named off five of the ladies he previously bedded, stating, “That’s easy. OK, Mariah Carey, Christina Milian, Nicole Scherzinger, Selita Ebanks, oh, Kim Kardashian.”

This video is obviously NSFW with offensive language:

Nick’s sex list was pretty bad already, but the icing on the cake was him giving details on the first time he slept with his wife.

He said, “[The first time was] on our wedding night, honeymoon style in a house in the Bahamas. That’s a real woman right there to make you wait”.

Cannon described his wife of six years as his “soul mate”, before spilling details on their first time.

Nick said, “I’m a pleaser. I went in going, ”She going to love this”…. I f****d the s**t out if her.”

He seemed to suddenly realize Mariah wasn’t going to be pleased with his comments. He said, “I can hear the conversation now, ‘Why are you being so crude and nasty talking to Big Boy?'”

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