Must See! Viral YouTube Videos As Major Hollywood Movies (VIDEOS)


Joseph Gordon-Levitt as David after Dentist

Have you ever imagined what it would look like if viral YouTube videos were made into Hollywood blockbuster films? Well, we haven’t either but these entertaining videos were re-made with big-time directors and huge Hollywood stars.

These parodies hilarious and include the viral videos for “David After Dentist”, “Double Rainbow”, “Charlie Bit Me”, and “Sweet Brown”.

Many of this years Oscar-nominated movies were book adaptations such as “Captain Phillips”, “Twelve Years a Slave” and “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

Now some of the biggest stars and directors in Hollywood have helped adapt viral YouTube videos into major blockbuster films.

Bitman Begins

Bitman’s plot: “Hunger, incarceration and revenge threaten a family in a visceral action-packed thriller that calls into question the human need for vengeance.”

Here’s the original “Charlie bit me”:

Hunky brothers Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth star as on-screen brothers in the faux movie trailer parody of “Charlie Bit My Finger!”

Chris Hemsworth & Liam in Bitman

The “estranged” siblings meet in a dramatic showdown in the dead of night on a rooftop. The older brother said, “I will find him … and I will destroy him”.

Tom Hanks warns the younger Hemsworth about his brother’s plan of attack, but he scoffs at the threat: “Then let him come.”

Sweet Brown: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

Here’s the original news report about a fire with Sweet Brown:

Queen Latifah stars as Sweet Brown and Barkhad Abdi appears as a young Barack Obama, with Adam Driver as Steve Jobs and Kimmel’s archnemesis Matt Damon, “in his most important deleted scene yet.”

Queen  Latifah as Sweet Brown

Ameowdeus is a music spoof of “Keyboard Cat”:

Ben Kingsley, Gary Oldman and Mandy Patinkin star with Christoph Waltz in an oversized hamster suit as the new Keyboard Amadeus Cat (Kevin Spacey) wins over the crowd with his “amazing” skills.

 Ameowdeus parody video

David After Dentist and Double Rainbow Oh My God! in 3D”

We all remember little David having his mind blown after visiting the dentist, wondering if t his is “real life”.

This guy was clearly thrilled when he saw the “double rainbow all the way”:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as “David,” reciting the lines from the original YouTube video.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as David after Dentist

Then we have Catherine Zeta-Jones and Samuel L. Jackson as an evil dentist, with Seth Rogen as the drugged-out “Double Rainbow” guy.

Seth Rogen as Double Rainbows guy


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