Miley Cyrus & Sister Noah Twerk Together Following Tour Bus Fire (VIDEOS)


Miley Cyrus &  Noah Cyrus make fun of Justin Bieber?

Miley Cyrus and her little sister Noah Cyrus blew off a little steam as they twerked to Justin Bieber’s “Girlfriend”, just after someone set a Bangerz tour bus on fire Monday night.

Noah Cyrus took to Instagram to share a series of videos of an apparent Bangerz Tour bus going up in flames. There are suggestions it could have been religious protestors.

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber have been pals for a long time, but it almost seems she is dissing him with her Instagram video.

Miley, 21, dances all up on her little sister as she changes the “Boyfriend” lyrics to this:

“If I was your girlfriend I’d never let you go
Unlike you other boys I treat you like a ho.
I smack that ass and you drop it to the floor
Then you drop it like it’s hot.”

Check it out here:

Miley’s 14-year-old sister Noah drops it like it’s hot as the sisters act silly.

It makes you wonder if they are just having fun or if Miley’s making a little dig at Justin. There are reports that Selena Gomez went to rehab after learning Justin had hooked up with Miley. Hmmm…

Miley Cyrus Bangerz tour bus burned

In other Miley news, her Tulsa concert got a bit crazy on Monday when church protesters allegedly burned her tour bus.

Miley’s sister Noah tweeted they were a “bus down”, posting the clip of the bus in flames before adding she was going to locate a hotel to sleep. It appears the family bus was the one targeted by the arsonists.

Miley Cyrus with mom Tish and sister Noah

Noah later added that everybody had made it out ok, posting, “Yes, everyone got out safe no one is injured what so ever!! everything is okay!!”

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