“Mad Men” Star January Jones Wants Sexy Time With Rihanna!


uary Jones crushing on Rihanna

January Jones, who stars as Betty Draper on “Mad Men”, spoke to online publication Violet Grey about her show and crushes.

The actress posed for a series of near-naked sexy photos, admitting she’d like to bed bad-girl RiRi.

January, who has never revealed the identity of the father of her two-year-old son Xander, was asked who she’d “most want to go to bed with, dead or alive”.

The blonde beauty replied, “Paul Newman or Rihanna.”

January Jones nude in fur

Jones admits she likes to be mysterious and loves to shock people.

She explained, “I prefer to remain mysterious and have people make their own judgment calls about me than to always have to explain who I am and what I’m about. I try to take risks and shock people a little bit, it’s important to provoke some sort of emotion, negative or positive.”

January Jones Violet Grey photos

The 36-year-old beauty also touched on her pal Jon Hamm from “Mad Men”.

She said, “I think he’s amazing. Very kind and generous, well read, very strong but easily vulnerable, very funny but also dark. My friend.”

The actress was asked if she thinks gentlemen really do prefer blondes, replying, “I think gentlemen rarely have a preference but having been a red head and a brunette before, I will say I get more attention being a blond, it must have something to do with light reflection.”

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