Lindsay Lohan Lists Celebrity Lovers: See Who’s Seen Firecrotch Firsthand


Lindsay Lohan makes sex partner list

Lindsay Lohan certainly gets around! The troubled actress jotted down 36 of her famous conquests, which includes many hot celebrity men.

The list includes Zac Efron, Joaquin Phoenix, The Wanted’s Max George, Garrett Hedlund, and many more!

The 27-year-old actress reportedly wrote down a list of the stars she has bedded while she was getting drunk with pals at the Beverly Hills Hotel in January 2013.  In Touch got their hands on it and published Lindsay’s sex list.

An insider that was present while the list was made stated, “They were giggling and talking s**t about people in the industry. It was her personal conquest list. She was trying to impress her friends with the list and then tossed it aside.”

The source said Lindsay had to pause to think just who she had sex with because there were so many. Linds has been busy!

Lindsay Lohan has been a busy girl

A few on the list include Irish hunk Colin Farrell, “American Horror Story” star Evan Peters (who is engaged to Emma Roberts now), and her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama.

Colin Farrells's manhood too big for movies?

Lohan also bedded Jamie Dornan, who is starring as Christian Grey in upcoming sexy movie “50 Shades Of Grey”.

Former Calvin Klein model Jamie Dornan

List of guys Lindsay Lohan had sexy with Wow!

The list has even more names that have been blanked out for legal reasons, many of which are believed to be married men. Yikes!

A source reveals, “The list has some pretty big names on it, and they’re not all single guys. This getting out now could rock several Hollywood relationships to the core.”

The Wanted’s Max George isn’t much of a shocker because they were hanging out just before and after her rehab stint last year.

A couple are more shocking such as actor Joaquin Phoenix and Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman.

Joaquin Phoenix cleft lip

In 2009, a report claimed Lindsay had been casually dating tragic actor Heath Ledger just before his death in January 2008 of an accidental drug overdose. It appears they did have something going on…at least sexually.

One name on the list at number four appears to be singer John Mayer. We all know he’s a man-whore so it’s not that shocking.

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