Kris Jenner Sex Tape Extortion Plot: Does The Tape Exist?


Does Kris Jenner have a sex tape?

We all know Kris Jenner’s daughter Kim Kardashian shot to fame in 2007 when her sex tape with Ray J leaked online.

Maybe it’s Kris’ turn after reports she is being blackmailed by a man that claims to have the dirty video of her in compromising positions. This is one tape we would not want to view!

A source reveals, “The man has been demanding money from Kris. If he’s not paid, he claims, he’ll release the tape.”

The source adds, “He called Kris more than one hundred times in the last seven days, from more than 100 different phone numbers – he uses scrambled cell numbers. He called more than 25 times on Sunday alone.”

Kris Jenner, 58, is sick of the incessant phone calls and worries he could be following her.

She has made certain to ramp up security at her home and has even contacted police.

Man blackmailling Kris Jenner over sex tape release?

Jenner originally thought it was a joke and ignored it, claiming she’d never allow herself to be in that situation (like her daughter Kim).

Kris thought it was a ‘joke’ when the man first mentioned a sex tape with her in, because she would never allow herself to be in that kind of situation.

The insider adds, “The family has drastically stepped up their security and Kris had no choice but to turn all the information over to law enforcement and to [the family’s private investigator] Gavin DeBecker. They’re assessing their options. Not surprisingly, everyone is worried.”

Do you think there is an actual tape? Like mother, like daughter? Who knows?

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